Format of an Essay

Format of an Essay. All good essays always follow a certain "form". An essay's format is like the blueprint for a building or the skeleton of the human body. The format of an essay directs the flow of your ideas. It also guides the discussion of your topic in a logical sequence. As a rule of thumb, the format of an essay is divided into three parts: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. However, there's more to an essay format than those three parts. Let's have a closer look at the format of an essay.

The Introduction
All essay formats must have a paragraph where the topic of the essay is first and briefly stated. The topic is typically written as a general claim or, in other words, as a thesis statement. A summary of the supporting points for the thesis statement may also be included in the introduction. Note that the format of an essay does not necessarily require that the paper should immediately begin with the thesis statement. In fact, other essays can be started with a relevant quote taken from another book or essay. In essence, the introduction is where the writer states what the essay is about and how, if any, the writer will prove his thesis or claim. For a more detailed explanation of the essay's introduction, click here.

The Body
In the format of an essay, body paragraphs explain what has been said in the introduction. There can be as many body paragraphs as there are supporting points that the writer may have. Ideally, one paragraph is devoted for every supporting idea. Since there can be three or more paragraphs in the body of the essay, the smooth transition from one paragraph to another is important. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of following the format of an essay, which is to ensure a logical sequence of the discussion. For a more detailed explanation of the essay's body paragraphs, click here.

The Conclusion
The conclusion is the final section in the format of an essay. It "wraps up" everything that has been written in the body paragraphs. Usually, the essay's conclusion does not simply close the discussion or restate the general claim. It may also offer an alternative solution, a striking question, or a proposal for further discussion. For a more detailed explanation of the essay's conclusion, click here.

The format of an essay helps writers clearly and logically discuss their ideas. Without the proper essay format, your paper will most likely get a low mark.

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