Research Paper Topics

Research paper topics. Determining the topic is the first stage in writing a research paper. There are many topics for a research paper to choose from. An important thing to consider is to narrow down your choices. Also, you should select the research paper topic which you are comfortable with, or which you are interested. In fact, you may even use recent controversial issues as your topic since there are many sources which you can find for them. Here are several suggested research paper topics:

  • The effects of status updates in Facebook on married couples
  • The limits of personal information privacy for online social network users
  • The evolution of the mobile phone over the past twenty years
  • Assessing the child-rearing capabilities of same-sex couples who wish to adopt a child
  • Assessing the arguments against same-sex marriage
Here are more research paper topics:
  • Determining the differences between same-sex "union" and "marriage"
  • When is self-restraint in the mass media necessary to protect personal rights?
  • Has the government focused too much on international rather than domestic threats of terrorism?
  • The clash between the freedom of religion and the police power of the State
There are many other research paper topics to choose from. Care should be taken in carefully limiting the scope of your topic so that it will neither be too broad nor too specific. A good topic for a research paper is not only interesting but also fit for your intended purpose.

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