How to Write Monroe's Motivated Sequence

How to Write Monroe's Motivated Sequence. There are five steps that must be followed in sequence when writing a persuasive speech or essay using Monroe's motivated sequence. The steps are: attention, need, satisfaction, visualization, and action. Each step logically proceeds to the one that follows it, thereby mimicking the normal process of human thought. This is precisely why motivation is at the heart of this persuasion technique.

In writing an essay using Monroe's motivated sequence, the first step is attention. The purpose of this initial phase is to grab the attention and arouse the curiosity of the intended audience. This can be done through the use of dramatic statistics, a shocking example, an anecdote, or a startling statement.

The second step is need. This is where the problem is described. Show that the problem affects your audience. This is also where you make your audience feel that there is a need for change, or that something should be done. Emphasize that there is an opportunity for your readers to turn the situation around.

Once the need has been established, the next step in Monroe's motivated sequence is satisfaction. Address the need you have shown by proposing a solution. Describe how your proposal can satisfy the problem. As much as possible, use facts and examples to illustrate your point. Make sure that your audience understand your plan.

The fourth step is visualization. Make your readers desire your proposed solution by showing how they will benefit from your proposal if they accept it. Do this by helping them visualize the situation, but be as realistic as possible so that your audience can relate with your solution. You may choose to show the results if your plan is adopted, or if it is not accepted. You may also try to combine the two.

The fifth and final step in Monroe's motivated sequence is action. Compel your readers to adopt your solution by making a call to action. Indicate what your readers need to do now and how to proceed with it. If there are several alternatives, give your audience the power to choose over them.

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