How to Write a Process Essay

How to Write a Process Essay. Keep one thing in mind when writing process essays: discuss the topic through a series of actions. This means that you should first divide the topic according to its steps. For example, if the subject is about washing the laundry, try to list down the components of how it is precisely done. The steps should be in strict logical order as how they are supposed to be practiced. Here are more tips on how to write a process essay.

  • Identify the first step of the process you are supposed to write about. This is crucial because it determines the succeeding parts. Otherwise, an erroneous first step will affect the next steps in the process. In the end, the essay may end with the wrong step and, as a result, the process may become jumbled.

  • Make a draft list of the steps in their proper order. This list should serve as your guide in discussing each step in the process. Rearrange the items in the list whenever necessary so that it will accurately reflect your topic.

  • If possible, devote one paragraph for each step. Doing so will allow you to focus on one step for each paragraph, thereby eliminating confusion and making your process essay clear and easy to read. Consequently, the reader will also be able to follow the flow of ideas as though they proceed in a logical manner.

  • Once you have finished writing your process essay, try to read the steps in reverse. This will help ensure that you understood the process and that you were able to enumerate and discuss the steps according to their proper order. After doing so, try to read the essay from start to end. Identify if something is missing or is not in the correct sequence.

Ultimately, think of your process essay as assembling a toy. There are several different parts, and building them together requires following certain steps. Consider asking this question while writing: what should be next? In a way, writing a process essay is similar to making a manual. One wrong step and the whole process becomes inaccurate.

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