How to Write Effective Reaction Papers

How to Write Effective Reaction Papers . Saying, or writing, what you mean can be difficult. When asked to provide your reaction to a movie or a book, you may find yourself at a loss for words, especially the right ones. This is true when writing reaction papers where simply giving your initial thoughts is not enough. You have to go deeper, and that in itself can be a daunting challenge. There are these few little secrets in writing effective reaction papers. Let's discuss what they are.

Keep in mind these two words: what, and why. The "what" refers to your actual reaction. For instance, when talking about a movie, specify the particular scene that elicits a strong response in you. Remember to be specific with the scene. Tell your reader what you think about this part of the film. Say if you disagree with the scene's message, or if you think that the story feels unsatisfactory or bland. The scene may also appear unrealistic or against everyday life. There are many reactions that you may have, but try to focus on one reaction per paragraph.

As for the "why" part, it pertains to the reasons for your reaction. This can be tricky, but simply bear in mind that this is where you need to provide the supporting premises to your reaction. Using the previous example, tell your reader what makes the movie scene compelling. Explain why you agree or disagree with it, or why it appears unrealistic or unsatisfactory. If possible, use a theory or a framework to prove your point. This can be helpful because it will add credibility to your discussion. It will also provide depth or substance to your reaction paper. Many of these theories may come from sociology and psychology.

Above all, connect your reactions and supporting premises or reasons to your thesis statement, which is the main or controlling idea behind your reaction paper. In other words, your reactions and reasons should be related to your thesis statement. If, for instance, your paper's main idea is that a given film is a reflection of contemporary society, be sure that your reactions and reasons discuss just that. This is important because it will give focus and structure to your essay. Do not stray too far from your thesis statement. Otherwise, your paper might discuss irrelevant topics.

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