How to Write Critical Review Art Essays

How to Write Critical Review Art Essays
How to Write Critical Review Art Essays. From films to novels and everything in between, people respond to and appreciate art in different ways. In that sense, one man's gold may be another man's garbage, so to speak. For students, they may find themselves tasked to write a critical review of the material that they have just read or watched. But this is where just about any other response or reaction differs from a critical review. Let's find out how to write a critical review essay.

At its core, a critical review essay discusses the strengths and weaknesses of a particular art form or text. What makes it different from any other review is that it uses specific academic or scholarly theories in order to explain the positive and negative aspects. Thus, a critical review essay digs deeper into the meaning of a given material. For instance, it may go beyond what a film shows on the screen by discussing the underlying social realities within the story. As an example, the paper may use Marxism in order to discover, analyze, and explain the hidden power struggle in the film from a socioeconomic framework.

Through the use of a specific theory, a critical review may then highlight the strengths and weaknesses of an artwork. For example, by using Marxism as a guiding theory, the critical review essay may point out how a film's story makes a strong case against the abuse of workers by capitalists in the name of profit. Providing specific examples from the artwork or text will help illustrate how that is the case. Be sure to explain the strengths by giving additional supporting reasons.

On the other hand, a specific theory may also expose the weaknesses of an artwork. The same method applies: use the theory as a framework to show that an artwork or text falls short in arguing or illustrating that it meets the theory's standards. For example, applying Marxism in reviewing a film may reveal that the film fails to show the importance of labor over capital. Whatever framework is used, always provide particular examples from the text or artwork in order to give the reader a better appreciation of the critical review.

Any relevant theory may be applied in a critical review essay for a particular artwork. Whatever theory is used, the point is to use the theory as a guide in assessing the strong and weak sides of the subject being studied. Supporting reasons must always be used, apart from specific examples, when writing a critical review essay. Otherwise, your paper will feel out of touch with the topic.

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