Schaffer Paragraph Example

Schaffer Paragraph Example. It can be a challenge to make a point in five short sentences. Nevertheless, it can be done with the help of the Schaffer paragraph. Knowing the kinds of sentences to write and the arrangement of those sentences, it can be actually easy to persuade your reader or audience. Here is an example of a good Schaffer paragraph:

Digital piracy is both a boon and a bane depending on who benefits and who loses from it [Topic Sentence]. For example, John Doe, an independent musician whose career started early in 2012, has been able to make his music available to a wider audience at minimal costs [Concrete Detail]. On the other hand, recording labels such as Warner Music have been dealing with unrealized profit -- about $1 billion in 2010 -- due to the pervasive digital reproduction and unauthorized online distribution of the company's records [Concrete Detail]. There is little doubt that the effects of digital piracy relies on the interests of those who are affected by it [Commentary]. A group with purely business or money-making interests will find digital piracy a dangerous technology [Commentary]. Meanwhile, the artist seeking mass exposure for his or her music will certainly benefit most from digital piracy [Commentary]. In general, the public will also stand to benefit from it [Commentary]. Clearly, one side stands to benefit from digital piracy while another side has to suffer the ill consequences [Closing Sentence].

Remember, your Schaffer paragraph can have more than five sentences but on one condition: you are only allowed to add two to three Commentaries for every Concrete Detail. Apparently, you cannot have two Topic Sentences in one paragraph. The same is true for the Closing Statement.

You may want to review how to write a Schaffer paragraph.

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