How to Write a Preview Essay

How to Write A Preview Essay. With different essays, there are also various writing approaches. A preview essay is just like any other essay, except that it has its unique characteristics. But how does a preview essay exactly look like? What differentiates it from, say, a summary? Let's examine the steps to writing a preview essay.

A preview is basically a summary. It is, in many ways, a sneak peak. But the one thing that separates the two is that a preview lets the audience know what to expect without revealing the details. Conversely, a summary is more of an outline. It lays bare the general points. Thus, in a summary, readers will already understand the overall idea behind an essay. This is not entirely the case with a preview essay. This is because it only gives readers a taste, so to speak, of what lies ahead.

To write a preview essay, begin by stating the essentials. This means that you need to introduce the text by naming the author, the title of the material, the publication date, and the source, among others. This is important because this is where you establish the credentials of the authors as well as the information about where your readers can locate the text.

Next tip in writing your preview essay is to state the article's claim or thesis statement. Basically, you need to provide what the article is trying to say. You may include some of the supporting arguments for the claim, but mention only in general terms. Steer clear of delving into the specifics. Otherwise, you are no longer providing a preview. Rather, you are already writing a thorough exposition of the article's thesis, which is not what you want to do in a preview essay.

Keep in mind that preview essays are relatively short. Thus, in writing a preview essay, avoid going into the details. Just make it succinct and straight to the point.

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