How to Write Transition Sentences

How to Write Transition Sentences. The natural flow of thought between paragraphs is important. However, connecting one block of text to the next can be daunting. This is where transition sentences play their role. In essence, a transition sentence is a line of text written at the end of a paragraph. It's function is to smoothly introduce the subsequent part of the essay and all other kinds of papers. A transition sentence, therefore, serves as the bridge between the end of Point A and the start of Point B. It links sections together. Consider the following tips on how to write transition sentences.

  • Summarize the whole thought of the paragraph in one line. Use this as your transition sentence for the next paragraph.
  • A similar method is to summarize the main points of the subsequent paragraph and to use this summary as transition sentence. Remember to place this at the end of the previous paragraph.
  • Use an interrogative sentence for your transition. Posing a question at the end of the paragraph is a good way to indicate that the answer can be found on the next paragraph.
Using effective transition sentences will ensure that there is good flow of ideas between the paragraphs. They also help the reader keep track of where the essay is heading. Otherwise, your paragraphs will read like unrelated blocks of texts with no sense of direction. If you know how to write transition sentences, consider your task almost halfway done.

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