How to Write an Illustration Essay

How to Write an Illustration Essay. An illustration essay is used to describe a topic through the use of examples. In simple terms, illustration essays describe by "illustrating" or portraying a topic through the use of literary imagery. Adjectives play an important role in writing an illustration essay. Find out how to write an illustration essay by reading these easy tips.
  • Like any essay, introduce your topic in your first paragraph. Usually, an illustration essay requires you to describe a certain topic through the use of illustrations through words. Thus, your introductory paragraph should include your main descriptions for your topic. As much as possible, try to use "keywords" in describing your topic.

  • Use each keyword that you wrote in your introduction as the main focus of each of your body paragraphs. This will help you keep your paragraphs coherent and will thus help you avoid discussing irrelevant ideas. If, for example, you are discussing the idea that "gun ban laws are unfair," show why such laws are unfair by way of describing why they are so.

  • Pay attention to your descriptions. Avoid being too vague or too general. In other words, be very specific in describing your topic. The reason why you are asked to illustrate a certain topic is for you to shed light on some of its uncertainties. Adding vague or overly general descriptions will not help you obtain your purpose.

  • Use comparisons that are familiar to your readers. Compare your topic to another topic which is of particular interest and is of common understanding. This will help you to easily send the message to your readers without having to discuss too far.
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