Rogerian Argument Outline

Rogerian Argument Outline. In writing your outline for your Rogerian argument essay, you first have to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons or the two possible sides of your topic. That is, get to know which side of the argument you are for and which side of the argument may be against your position. For example, if you're trying to make an outline for your Rogerian argument essay with the topic of smoking in public places, the two most likely sides of the argument is: 1)Smoking in public places should be banned, and 2)smoking in public places should NOT be banned. The basic assumption is that your chosen topic can be argued, and it is your task, therefore, to defend your position on the topic. Here are the steps in writing your Rogerian argument outline.

[Let's assume the topic is smoking in public places, and your position is that it should not be banned.]

  1. [Introduction; generally state the "common grounds"]

  2. -There are people who smoke in public places.

  3. [Body; make a slow transition from the "common grounds" to your position on the topic]

  4. -The law does not prohibit people from smoking.
    -People have the free will to do anything they want so long as what they do does not bring harm to others.
    -It is true that other people who do not smoke can still acquire lung problems from secondhand smoke.
    -Creating laws banning people from smoking is an act of defying the right to self-determination and freewill.
    -There is one viable way to address the dilemma: the creation of smoking areas in public places.
    -The solution gives smokers the chance to smoke in public places while giving non-smokers the reminder not to frequent smoking areas so as not to get health problems from secondhand smoke.

  5. [Conclusion; state your position]

  6. -Therefore, smoking in public places should not be banned.

Of course, the example given simply gives a general overview of how your outline should be framed in terms of using a Rogerian technique of argumentation. Nevertheless, your outline should more or less likely be structured in that way.

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