What to Do: Writer's Block

You know you're suffering from a writer's block if you simply can't think of anything to write. What to do under that situation can be as simple as sleeping or lying down for a few short minutes, or taking a quick bite or a quick coffee break. While it helps to do other things when you don't have anything in your mind to begin your essay or research paper, you should also remember that knowing and doing what types of things to relieve yourself of that writer's block are equally important. Here are a few simple things to do when you have a writer's block. And why you should do them.

  1. First off, keep away from your pen and paper, or laptop, or computer for about a full hour. While waiting, try to get a short walk outside your house. Make it 30 minutes to walk outside and another 30 to walk back. As you walk, try to observe your environment. Don't invite thoughts about what you've been writing. Instead, calm your mind and just look plainly at your surroundings without thinking much about what you see. Keep silent as you go about this. The key is to be able to mingle with the outside world without having to run into any conversation. WHY DO THIS? Walking increases blood circulation in your body and, at the same time, you get to breathe a fresh supply of oxygen for your blood and brain.

  2. Try to take a short nap. Your sanity also needs a refreshing breather, and what better way to do that than to take a quick sleep; a power nap, if you will. For 15 to 30 minutes at least, rest your senses in bed or in a comfortable chair, preferably in a well-ventilated place.

  3. Take a quick bite. If you haven't eaten properly, it sure is the right time to fix yourself some food to eat. You can try nibbles of finger-food or a whole plate of lunch or dinner. A light meal will also do, assuming that the meal has vital nutrients that your body needs. And don't forget to rehydrate your body by frequently drinking liquid, preferably water. While at your meal, don't clout your mind with what you are writing. Avoid thinking of your task at hand while taking a quick meal. It will only worsen your writer's block.

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